RELEASES (out now/coming soon)

yeah, i cant fit all my shit on this website due to the fact i'm a cheap asshole who wont pay their fees. anyway, here is a list of what is currently in print and what is getting pressed soon.

-Thulsa Doom (nyc)- "the song remains the same" discography CD package (includes record tote-bag, limited poster, limited patch, 4 limited pins, limited hand-numbered CD)
-David Carradine/ Ah-!!! split CD                                                                                       - Intheshit- "king of the grindcore jungle" cassette
 -David Carradine "live on wriu" cd-r
-Rampant Decay ( RI)/ The Kruds (TX) split 7 inch
-Amaget (UK) / Edhochuli (PA) split 7 inch
-Terror of Dynamite Attack (indonesia)/ Repulsione (italy) split 7 inch
-Terlarang (malaysia)/ Overthetop (germany) split 7 inch
-David Carradine (CT)/ Exogorth (WA) split tape (7 inch out now on INCURSION RECORDS)
-David Carradine/ Aram Fingal split cassette tape
-Ferocious Fucking Teeth (CT) "hounds" 7 inch
-Ninja Hatorry (indonesia) "self-titled" CD
-Oxbaker (quebec) "we love to hurt people" discography CD
-Slapendehonden (NL)/ I Witness (siberia)split 7 inch
-Slapendehonden (NL)/ Terrorazor (germany) split 7 inch
-Roadrage (CT/MA)/Uncalm (scotland) split cassette
-Intheshit (MA)/Unmen (NJ)/ The Communion (NYC) split live CD -
-Half Shaved Yak (CT) "psychonaut" cd
-David Carradine/ Aram Fingal split tape
contact RIOTOUSOUTBURSTRECS@YAHOO.COM to order any of these or inquire about prices

-I Witness (siberia)/ Empty Conversations (russia) split 7 inch
-Warfear (NY) "addicted to trioxin" puke-green 10 inch
-Agathocles (belgium)/ Maximum Thrash (indonesia) split 7 inch
-Gorgonized Dorks (CA)/ Maximum Thrash (indonesia) split 7 inch
-Unholy Grave (Japan)/ Hatred Division (malaysia) split 7 inch
-Death of President (indonesia)- discography CD
-Intheshit 10 inch
-Godstomper/ Terlarang split 10 inch
-Simon Doom- solo 7 inch
-Sea (CT)-- one-sided flexi with artzine
-The Judas Iscariot- unreleased LP. influential drum-and-bass powerviolence/hardcore/punk
-Powercup/Pizza HiFive split 10 inch
-Misanthropic Noise/ SMG split 7 inch
-Unholy Grave/ David Carradine split 6 inch
-Math The Band one-sided flexi 7 inch
-David Carradine/ Flux Capacitor/ Knifethruhead/ Fuckin Pissed 4 way-split one-sided flexi with artzine